Venice Beach House


Warm sunset, cold drinks, fresh weed.

You and Me, Me and Him, You and I.

He taste like mix of bubblegum,  Somersby apple cider and blood from my bitten lip. My head is spinning, I can’t think about anything but me and him and this point and nothing else mattered. 



So much is happening right now, so many choices to make,things to do,people to meet,work to be done,movies to watch,games to play,places to visit… Feeling so full of energy these days. Today actually someone I really,really admire and look up to wrote me, said he is interested in what I’m working on,what kind of projects,we talked about life,love and all in between. My mom is coming to visit me for a month,I’m going to the seaside,planning to travel to the US and meet an inspiration of mine 😉 Ok,enough with my crap,back to watching Phantasm 😛