A love Unspoken.

Again and again


What of a love unspoken? Is it weaker without a name?
Does this love deserve 2 exist without a title
because I dare not share its name
Does that make me cruel and cold
2 deny the world of my salvation
because I chose 2 let it grow
People tend 2 choke
that which they do not understand
Why shouldn’t I be weary
and withhold this love from MAN
What of a love unspoken
no one ever knows
But this is a love that lasts
and in secrecy it grows


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Summer memories

20160828_094155.jpgYou are the solution
20160820_194559.jpgBlack Beard
20160828_122923.jpgDo you know what makes you special?
screenshot_2016-09-03-00-38-34.pngDarlene spamming me after midnight
img_6dc14389-009f-402a-ba62-3a5a14cad979.gifNails inspired by Sam’s from ”Until Dawn”
20160904_131054.jpgI have the BEST FRIENDS!!!
img_20160903_005358.jpgImportant notes I leave to myself at work. ”THE BEER”
img-1472624901631-v.jpgAMAZING game
20160825_115604.jpgTrust and Pixie Dust.
20160827_134633.jpgat the wedding
20160827_133722.jpgGrandma ❤

Ivi’s favorite baddies

Hector LeMans (Grim Fandango)
I simply adore this game,and no wonder Hector is in my favorite baddies list. Very manipulative and greedy. He will sprout you without hesitation if you are in his way.
Sarah Kerrigan/Queen of Blades (Starcraft)
Going back to the good old Starcraft days,she was and still is a favorite of mine.
”You see, at this point, I’m pretty much the Queen Bitch of the Universe. And not all of your little soldiers or space ships will stand in my way again.” Come on,that’s like the coolest thing anyone can say 😀
The Joker (Batman)
A psychotic,smiling,homicidal guy with makeup,green hair and purple suit. That’s the kind of bad guy I like. Joker is one of my favorite character ever not just in video games. The Clown Prince of Crime is the kind of prince I like 😀
Crota,Son of Oryx (Destiny)
The endgame boss of The Dark Below DLC of Destiny,the Hive Prince Crota. He is not the type of bad guy, that will be likeable because of his personality,because well he doesn’t speak. Not to the guardians per se. What makes this bad boy cool enough to make my list, is well look at him!!! He is green/bluish with glass like armor monster wielding a sword,and he kicked my ass I can’t even remember how many times. Crota is cool,end of discussion.
Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)
This bad boy haunts my dreams since I was little. If you don’t agree that he is one of the baddest baddies out there,then you have a problem.
Illusive Man (Mass Effect)
Did you even doubt that I will make a list and not include a Mass Effect villain?!? Illusive Man is voiced by none other than Martin Sheen himself,and he makes this character even cooler. You can’t go wrong there.
Liquid Ocelot (Metal Gear)
Two of my favorite character combine in one hell of a baddie. YES PLEASE!
Saren Arterius (Mass Effect 1)
Another baddie from Mass Effect,Saren is always one step ahead of you. Currently Mass Effect-Revelation I can’t wait to learn more about him.
Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry3)
Do you know that,Vaas was supposed to be entirely different character? Auditioning for a role Michael Mando,changed the developers idea and they remade Vaas,based on Mando’s performance and looks. Thank you,Michael because without you,we wouldn’t have one of the best baddies in video game history.
Also, did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?
Pagan Min (Far Cry4)
TROY FUCKING BAKER.Oh yes, King Daddy Cool of video games baddies(is he a villain tho?). I remember, my cousin telling me that, I would really like this guy,then he showed me the trailer for the new Far Cry game. And the second this crazy,blonde,pink wearing guy came out of the helicopter, I knew that’s my guy. Troy Baker’s voice is the cherry on the cake that is Pagan Min.
”I went through a time where I was bathing in Yak’s blood and slamming rails of coke”
Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2)
Mirror,mirror on the wall.Who’s the baddest of them all? Or prettiest will work too. Oh boy,Handsome Jack is not only my favorite baddie, he is one of my favorite characters ever. He is charismatic,murdering psychopath,who you can’t help but like. Never a dull moment with Jack. But yet again our villains will be nothing if it’s not for the amazing voice actors. Dameon Clarke is Handsome Jack, I mean he really is him.Check his twitter guys.
“I get it, once you’ve eaten prime rib for free it’s hard to go back to suckin’ down hamburgers for cash. If you know what I’m talking about. Do you know what I’m talking about?” ……. “Dicks, I’m talkin’ about dicks.”
Bye for now kiddos.

Interview with famous Japanese photographer and original “X-Photographer” Yukio Uchida

Great article! Check it out.

The Fujifilm Blog

Over the last few years, Fujifilm has invited professional photographers from around the world to meet with the product planning and R&D teams to discuss current and future products. Names you may or may not have heard of such as Zack Arias, David Hobby, Bert Stephani, Kevin Mullins, Gianluca Colla, Tomasz Lazar, Damien Lovegrove, Knut Koivisto, Chris Weston and more have all given their feedback and input into the “kai-zen” development mentality of the Fujifilm X system.

However, this process has actually been going on for longer than that.

Earlier in the year I was lucky enough to meet with Yukio Uchida, a famous professional photographer from Japan who had been speaking about Fujifilm cameras at the CP+ show in Yokohama. Yukio was one of the world’s first “X-Photographers”; his feedback has been instrumental in the development of the Fujifilm X system. I was able to get 10 minutes of his…

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Lost Bulgaria in photos from 1900 – 1910.

Ice skating in Borisova park on a frozen lake “Ariana” , Sofia the early 20th century.
Sofia, overlooking the street and square “Alexander I”, 1902.
Both sides of the flag of Rahovska band of the Ilinden–Preobrazhenie Uprising , 1903.
Peter Nejkov, Elin Pelin, Dimitar Boyadziev and Lubomir Davidov, Sofia 1907.
Sofia, boulevard “Maria Luiza
“, photo taken around 1907.
Colored photograph of three young girls, dressed in folk costume (nosia) from Sofia, early 20th century.
The Literature circle “Thought” ( Литературният кръг “Мисъл”): Pencho Slavejkov, Peyo Yavorov, Petko Todorov and Dr. Krustyo Krastev, Sofia 1905.
Young girl with kalpak , early 20th century interior.
Unveiling of the monument of Tsar Liberator ( in honour of Russian Emperor Alexander II who liberated Bulgaria of Ottoman rule during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78 ) , Sofia, August 30, 1907.
King Ferdinand – the first head of state in the world to fly an airplane with pilot Jules de Laminne, Belgium, July 15, 1910.
Donka Ushlinova – a participant in the Ilinden Uprising, the Balkan Wars and World War 1.

All the photos were taken from ” Изгубената България ” http://www.lostbulgaria.com/