Memories of Mother

You have to come back.. You left me here alone.. Alone with him
He always leaves, he’s never here
He doesn’t want me and he never will

I don’t know him and he doesn’t know me. Doesn’t seem to want to
I’m strong, I’m smart. I’m not what he thinks I am. I know better..

He doesn’t talk to me, doesn’t teach me
It shoulda been him. Do you hear me? HIM! Not you..

Except.. I don’t mean that.. You know I love him
I just wish he was better. I know he can be
So if he tries I’ll try, but if he doesn’t.. Please come back
I know you are out there somewhere.


…We are born of the blood, made men by the blood, undone by the blood. Our eyes are yet to open… Fear the old blood.

There years ago I started playing this game,quited,gave up on it,because I thought I will never be able to finish it. Now Bloodborne is one of my favorite games period! Everything about this game is just fucking EPIC and if you haven’t played it give it a try. You will die and die and die,a lot… But the satisfying feeling you get after beating that huge disgusting monster that kicked your ass for the past couple of hours will be worth it.

Oh, yes… Paleblood… Well, you’ve come to the right place. Yharnam is the home of blood ministration. You need only unravel its mystery. But, where’s an outsider like yourself to begin? Easy, with a bit of Yharnam blood of your own… But first, you’ll need a contract…

Day 30 – Your favorite game of all time

Sorry but it won’t be just one. There are so many games that I love, and that I can replay at anytime. So I will narrow it to three.
InFamous  Second Son is the first game I finished on my ps4, so it’s got a special place in my heart. The story is amazing and if you haven’t played this game you should definitely give it a try. Also Delsin is a total babe.
Mass Effect 2
I love the Mass Effect trilogy, but the second installment is probably my favorite one. The story,the characters, the romance… Ahhh just give it to me. I’ve hear a rumour about the games getting remastered on the PS4, and I hope it is true. I really do.
When a list about great games is made, there is one game that will always be included. And that is The Last of Us.
This game is an emotional rollercoaster that you will never forget. And I read an interview with Neil Druckmann, can’t really find it now, but I remember he said that the birth of his daughter inspired him about this game. He said something like ”I love her so much and I know I will do anything to protect her”. This is how I feel about The Last of Us. Protecting the people you love and keep fighting for them.

Day 29 – A game you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving

I started watching the show a couple of years back, and stopped watching it a little after the group moved in the prison. Not impressed by it, and I will not start watching it again. Sorry Daryl,sorry Glenn 😦
I’m very fond of The Telltale games, but ”The Walking Dead” was not a game I thought I will like. But it is SO GOOD! It was a good surprise and the show have nothing on it.
This game is so much better, Telltale really knows how to make good characters and a twisted story. Check it out, be ready for thought choices and tears.