One photo every hour.Tuesday.The Gif edition.


img_94ih02a7a2r.gif7am – Happy New Year Monkeys.
8am – Goofing around.
9am – Liquid pleasure.
10am – The truth is out there.
img_w9xit2a8sii.gif11am – Stay hydrated.
img_nsrpo2a9o8y.gif12pm – Two years of inspirations/drabbles/doodles in this notebook.
img_satt82acp45.gif1pm – Cool shop near my work.
A couple of hours afternoon chill.
img_k0-bm2acy7q.gif6pm – Back to Pandora,leveling up my beloved Zer0.
img_n1bpr2ad4fv.gif8pm – Space goo on Destiny.
img_ooqg82aditm.gif9pm – Went to see my friends.
img_7oj3p2ae25c.gif10pm – Dat Destiny addiction 😀 (watched my cousin crushing some guardians in the crucible), I really enjoy watching my friends play.


Do not be afraid and hide the things you like.It makes you who you are.

” My generation was in reality the last of it’s kind before the internet allowed all life to blossom (good & bad).
An internal battle of who and what I was supposed to be. I acted out with violence and sinned severely with my suppressed fascination of beauty since I was young. Fights and regretful nights, ego and sorrow. I have since learned to enjoy all things without embarrassment.
Life is too short to be afraid of liking any and everything you’ve a passion for. Don’t be scared anymore. What you believe is weird and shunned, there is a world of people with the same interests that hasn’t come into your life “yet”.
Your time here isn’t really that long. Start breathing and do it all. ”