Promises, Promises

– I will travel the galaxy and walk through as many realities and possibilities to find you. Promise me, when the time is right you will send me the signal.
– I promise…



So much is happening right now, so many choices to make,things to do,people to meet,work to be done,movies to watch,games to play,places to visit… Feeling so full of energy these days. Today actually someone I really,really admire and look up to wrote me, said he is interested in what I’m working on,what kind of projects,we talked about life,love and all in between. My mom is coming to visit me for a month,I’m going to the seaside,planning to travel to the US and meet an inspiration of mine 😉 Ok,enough with my crap,back to watching Phantasm 😛

Night shifts are the best

The best time to catch up with friends living on the other side of the world and to watch your favourite series. Le tired me and yes I’m wearing my Hideo sweatshirt again, it’s cosy and I love it 😉 Awake for 24+ hours. Going to the airport to pick up my friend Alex in 2 hours and I’m so excited for the weekend! It will be the best as always.