Lost Bulgaria in photos from 1960 – 1970.

Sofia, the building of the Sofia National circus, built in 1962 and burned down in 1983.
Varna, the Sea Casino, around 1960.
Yordan Matev plays Boris Morev and Nevena Kokanova in the role of Irina in a scene from the film “Tobacco” (Tyutyun), 1961.
Sofia crossroad of boulevard “Georgi Dimitrov (now “Maria Luisa”) and boulevard. “Slivnitsa” at Lion Bridge, around 1960.
Sozopol fishing boats in the port , 1960.
Restaurant The Frigate, Sunny Beach, around 1960.
Sofia the State University 1960.
Sofia , the Party House in the 60’s .
Georgi Asparuhov – Gundi (1943-1971) in a national football team jersey , 60s of XX century.
Razgrad, demonstration against the war in Vietnam, 1960.
Ruse, the building of the theater, 1960.
Annie Spassova and Georgi Popov in the episode “Three amazing” from the series “At each kilometer 1969.

More photos here – http://www.lostbulgaria.com/



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