Tips and Tricks – 9 creative photo ideas to try in October.

Digital Camera World always gives me great ideas when I’m stuck. So here are 9 photo ideas to try this month. I will do my best to finish at least 4 of these projects . It’s 15th so I better get my camera and start shooting! Check the cool ideas here –

Tips and Tricks – Sharpening X-TRANS files in Abobe Lightroom.

Sharpening is one of the most taxing aspects of the digital process and consequently many photographers prefer to stick to safe and secure ways, either using presets, plug-ins, exporting to Photoshop or ultimately using JPEGs straight from camera. The X-Trans sensor produces wonderful JPEGs, and all the usual advice about always shooting in Raw doesn’t necessarily hold true anymore. There are now many professional photographers who happily shoot JPEG using X-Series cameras all the time and have no complaints.
Here is the full article –

Tips and Tricks – 6 things you can learn by taking photographs every day.

A great article about the things you learn by taking photos everyday . Can you relate to any of these? After some time of shooting everyday I can say that I became very very sensitive to the light . Light and focus are my second nature.
Have a great day guys and here is the link to the full article –