”Breaking Bad” Cinematography.

Thank you,Michael Slovis. One of my favorite series ever. As an amateur and photography lover I find every single shot in ”Breaking Bad” a masterpiece,simply because it is. Once you start watching it you can’t stop. And you think there is something to it. Is it the story?Maybe. Is it the acting?Maybe. But if you have an eye and you see the world trough the camera lense,you will see the beauty. Sharing some of my favorite shots.Still years after finishing I can start watching it Again and Again.
Every shot is done with a purpose,and everybody can find whatever they want in them. A hidden meaning,or maybe a simple trick of the camera man. Words can’t do it justice. Just sit down and watch.
These last couple of shots are my favorite.


Getting back on track.

I’ve neglected my photography for far too long. I feel bad about it,because I’m always like this. I enjoy doing something, I do it for a long time, then I find something else I like and forget about the other things.
So from today,no more excuses! I will always bring my camera,wherever I go (except when I’m drunk,guys don’t carry valuables with you when you go out drinking)

Еньовден / St John’s Eve.

A very special and magical day. On this day women collect herbs with special ” powers ” , people believe that if you see a blue light in the mountains on this night that means there is a hidden treasure there. Women who gather flowers on this day , have to but them under their pillows the same night and make a wish , which people believe it will come true 😀