Nature always find a way



Еньовден / St John’s Eve.

A very special and magical day. On this day women collect herbs with special ” powers ” , people believe that if you see a blue light in the mountains on this night that means there is a hidden treasure there. Women who gather flowers on this day , have to but them under their pillows the same night and make a wish , which people believe it will come true 😀

The lazy photographer.

Ok, ok ok… I admit, I have been slacking a lot. Maybe winter was not my season. But I’m getting back on track with more passion than ever.
Until the end of the month I tend to finish at least two projects. Starting from today – Shoot only with instant camera for a day. The other project will be zoom in close to nature to create abstract macros.
If you have any good ideas for me guys , please shoot me 😀