Banana Pudding

This video! So good!!!
“We stick to ourselves because people bite” – Ninja


The Black Sheep.

All the sheep in Magooville were white, but Abel was a black sheep…
Do you know what’s a black sheep?


It’s like, when you’re different than everyone else.

Like me. I look different from you and Amerika.


And the boys.

Yeah, but it’s not so much how you look, it’s special, like what’s inside. That’s what makes you different. See, it’s who you really are… inside, your soul.

Chappie’s inside here?

Yeah, you see… the outside, this… this is just temporary. When you die the soul inside goes to the next place. The thing inside… see, that’s what mommy loves. Come. Mommy loves you.

1251623 - Chappie



Ok ,this is fresh! I just saw the movie with the fam and OMG I LOVED IT!!!
This is prolly the best movie I have seen this year after Interstellar. I don’t want to post spoilers about it, but just the feeling it left in me.
This movie moved me. Made me think about human behavior, about good and bad, about love, family, death, life, everything! It was a beautiful story, after we finished watching it It made me think about the story of Pinocchio, I just found little similarities about the two stories.
When I have kids one day, I will tell them the tale of Chappie šŸ˜€
Ahhh anyway , I’m just probably too much excited about it now, but I wanted to write this down.
I’m consciousness. I’m alive. I’m Chappie.

1251623 - Chappie

temp1P.S. Chappie RULES!!!