Day 11. Your favourite movie when you were a child

Already talked about my love for Star Wars, watching the original 3 it’s a dear moment for me and I will always cherish it.
You can laugh all you want, but this was the first movie I owned on a VHS tape and watching it as a kid I thought it was EPIC. And I watched it EVERY DAY 😀
And what about you guys, which one is your favourite movie from your childhood? Have you seen this movie recently and how much did it changed for you? I can say for myself that Masters of the Universe was not that great as I remember 😛 But seeing it made me feel really happy.

Day 7. A movie that makes you happy

Howl’s Moving Castle
Spirited Away

I can put here on this list SO MANY movies, but I picked this two.I love those movies so much, I can rewatch them again and again, and I can’t get over how beautiful the world that studio Ghibli can create. Masterpieces that are worth your time, so if you haven’t by any chance seen them go do it NOW!!!
How about you guys? Do you have a movie that makes you feel warm inside, that you just want to curl in your bed and watch, and when you watch it it makes you feel good? I would love to hear you out 🙂

Day 4. Your favourite horror movie

I’m a horror movie fanatic, I’ve seen SO many over the years. But if I have to choose just one…
Really loving this movie,the atmosphere, the hotel, the characters, the story. I remember watching this movie maybe 10 years ago, home alone, very late at night. And yeah the movie itself is not that scary, but thinking that you are stuck up in a creepy hotel with ghosts,with no other humans for MILES in a snowstorm, it gives me the creeps. I guess I have a thing for being isolated. What about you guys? Do you like horror movies? Sorry for posting one day late, but my Sunday was super busy.