Day 30 – Your favorite game of all time

Sorry but it won’t be just one. There are so many games that I love, and that I can replay at anytime. So I will narrow it to three.
InFamous  Second Son is the first game I finished on my ps4, so it’s got a special place in my heart. The story is amazing and if you haven’t played this game you should definitely give it a try. Also Delsin is a total babe.
Mass Effect 2
I love the Mass Effect trilogy, but the second installment is probably my favorite one. The story,the characters, the romance… Ahhh just give it to me. I’ve hear a rumour about the games getting remastered on the PS4, and I hope it is true. I really do.
When a list about great games is made, there is one game that will always be included. And that is The Last of Us.
This game is an emotional rollercoaster that you will never forget. And I read an interview with Neil Druckmann, can’t really find it now, but I remember he said that the birth of his daughter inspired him about this game. He said something like ”I love her so much and I know I will do anything to protect her”. This is how I feel about The Last of Us. Protecting the people you love and keep fighting for them.


Day 29 – A game you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving

I started watching the show a couple of years back, and stopped watching it a little after the group moved in the prison. Not impressed by it, and I will not start watching it again. Sorry Daryl,sorry Glenn 😦
I’m very fond of The Telltale games, but ”The Walking Dead” was not a game I thought I will like. But it is SO GOOD! It was a good surprise and the show have nothing on it.
This game is so much better, Telltale really knows how to make good characters and a twisted story. Check it out, be ready for thought choices and tears.

Day 28 – Favorite game developer

I think I will name 3, because I feel like it and because they are my favorites.
First of all Hideo Kojima. The man,the legend.
Very excited about ”Death Stranding”,dying to learn more about it, but without a doubt Kojima-san will not disappoint. I’m sure of this.
Bruce Starley and Neil Druckmann. These two don’t need an introduction. And by the way Neil, I’m waiting for The Last of Us 2.
Last but not least this babe 😛 Sean Murray from Hello Game ( the guys behind ”No Man’s Sky”). I have played it, I loved it, I need more. Keep up the good work guys,and I hope we will see new things from you in the future.



Day 27 – Most epic scene ever

This time we will have not one but four of these. Sorry I just couldn’t pick only one.
Starting off with:
The Silent Hills revelation in P.T.
Yes,that time when you finished the PT demo and it turned out to be just a tease for the upcoming project Silent Hills,which will never see the light of day sadly.

The Giraffe scene in The Last of Us

Tears like river…

The whole Act 4 of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
An extremely emotional return to Shadow Moses for one last time. EPIC!!!

Getting the Normandy back – Mass Effect 2

Shivers down my spine! Every time I see this scene it makes me smile. Good times on the old girl.
I know that I’m probably missing a lot of epicness, there are so many game and so many scenes that are stuck on my mind. And there are games like The Last of Us,which are one EPIC piece of art.

Day 26 – Best voice acting

Kanji Tatsumi,Kai Leng,Booker DeWitt,Sinestro,Nightwing,JOEL,The Joker,Delsin Rowe,Jack Mitchell,Pagan Min,Rhys,Shinnok,Erron Black,Fujin,OCELOT,Samuel Drake,Batman and many many MANY more (if you don’t believe me just check his IMDB,it will make your head spin).
Troy Baker is one of the most recognizable voice actor in the world. Also he is born on the 1st of April which gives him so much points. Can’t wait to see you,can’t wait to hear you, you da best ❤


Day 25 – A game you plan on playing

Oh,boy… When I got my ps4, me and my cousin decide to make a list (which keeps on growing and growing) on the games we own and the games we plan on playing and buying. So I’m prepared for this.
There are around 80 titles of games that are either out,will be released this year or the next which we haven’t played yet. So my plans are to play a lot of games (so many games,so little time).
The game that I’m very excited and in fact is coming out this month is No Man’s Sky.
I’ve been waiting for this game since E3 2014,just a couple more days and I will be off exploring the universe. And if you want to explore all of it it will take you around 5 billion year to do so.
Yes it’s that BIG.

Day 23 – Game you think had the best graphics or art style

If you asked me this question last year my answer would’ve been Metal Gear Solid V (and please don’t get me wrong MGSV is still holding top position in my charts),but this year Uncharted 4 came out and it is SO beautiful. Naughty Dog and everyone involved in this game did an amazing job, delivering not only the best looking game,but maybe one of the best saga endings in gaming history.
Drake brothers ❤ I will gladly share your last adventure once again.

Day 21 – Game with the best story

Can’t really decide on this one since I have so many games on my mind that qualify for it,but I will go with Mass Effect. It has everything a whole universe for you to explore, amazing alien and human characters, action. It’s deep and if you haven’t played it you won’t get it. So yeah ”Endure and survive” oh fuck this was from another great game 😉
ScreenShot00032MassEffect2 2015-11-21 23-30-13-84MassEffect3 2015-11-29 00-35-37-05MassEffect3 2016-05-08 13-49-13-03MassEffect3 2016-05-08 20-47-48-32MassEffect3 2016-05-18 11-45-44-46MassEffect3 2016-05-18 12-49-45-32temp1