Day 23. Movie with the best soundtrack

Just two words – DAFT PUNK



Day 20. Who is your favourite character from a movie?


Absolutely badass! She is one of the most iconic scifi charactes and no I’m not gonna say that I wanted to be her when I was little,just like I wanted to be princess Leia, because yeah who will want to face the Xenomorph?!? Not me.
Do you guys have a favourite character of all time? It was kinda hard to pick just one,but if you have to which one will you pick? What qualities in that particular character do you admire?

Day 19. What is the most underrated movie?

I really don’t know for MOST underrated, but one of my favourite movies ”Chappie” was kinda underrated by most people. So yeah, I’m putting ”Chappie” here 🙂
This movie made me think about possible future in which humans will be able to transfer their conscience into robots/computers,showed me once again how big of a jerks humans can be,the movie made me laugh,made me cry, made me feel. And that’s all I search in a good movie.I loved what Stephen King said about it on twitter ” Loved CHAPPIE. It’s like a children’s story written by an extremely talented psychopath.” and that’s exactly what the movie is.

Day 12. Your favourite movie when you were a teenager

Watching those movies was an epic journey on itself, from staying late so you can record a VHS copy of one of the movies to sneaking in a full booked premiere so you can watch the last one. I will never forget this period of my life, when it was all about fantasy worlds,evil rings and smoking pipe-weed on the front porch.

Day 10. Your favourite director

Here I can put not one but ten favourite directors at least. Martin Scorsese, Neill Blomkamp, Guillermo del Toro, Edgar Wright, James Cameron, Francis Ford Coppola, Quentin Tarantino, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan and the list goes on and on and on… But if I have to pick one, so be it.

I don’t really know exactly what makes him my favourite director, I just love watching behind the scenes of his movies, he is a true master and he always pick and works with the best.
If you have time check this :

Day 6. Your favourite comedy movie

Guys, I’m very sorry that I’m slacking a little on this project, but I’ve been busy working on something big the past couple of the days (which by the way is almost finished and I will soon be able to talk about it).
National Lampoon’s European Vacation
I like watching comedies,not my favourite genre but from time to time it’s good to just sit relax with a movie that will make you relax and laugh. National Lampoon’s European Vacation is one of the first movies I owned on VHS tape and it is dear in my heart.