Day 21. A movie that no one would expect you to love

Everyone is hating on this movie, I thought it was pretty good. I remember when I saw it,one of my friends was so stoned out of her mind and she realised what we were watch at the end of the movie when CG Arnold showed up. Maybe I just like the actors in this movie, I really don’t know, but over all I had good time while being with my closest friends watching this movie. I guess that’s why I like it so much, because of the memory this movie brings me of the time spent with friends 🙂
Do you guys have a movie that surprised you,that even you thought that you will hate but end up liking ?

Day 20. Who is your favourite character from a movie?


Absolutely badass! She is one of the most iconic scifi charactes and no I’m not gonna say that I wanted to be her when I was little,just like I wanted to be princess Leia, because yeah who will want to face the Xenomorph?!? Not me.
Do you guys have a favourite character of all time? It was kinda hard to pick just one,but if you have to which one will you pick? What qualities in that particular character do you admire?

Day 19. What is the most underrated movie?

I really don’t know for MOST underrated, but one of my favourite movies ”Chappie” was kinda underrated by most people. So yeah, I’m putting ”Chappie” here 🙂
This movie made me think about possible future in which humans will be able to transfer their conscience into robots/computers,showed me once again how big of a jerks humans can be,the movie made me laugh,made me cry, made me feel. And that’s all I search in a good movie.I loved what Stephen King said about it on twitter ” Loved CHAPPIE. It’s like a children’s story written by an extremely talented psychopath.” and that’s exactly what the movie is.