Day 3. Your favourite action/adventure movie

Yippee ki-yay!!!
It is a tradition to watch Die Hard on Christmas, a MUST. Bruce Willis is really a favourite of mine, maybe because he reminds me a little bit of my grandfather when he was younger. It’s a movie that everyone have seen, and it is EPIC. Also Alan Rickman is in it!!!

I’ve decided to split this one into two favourites. Once action and one adventure. Indiana Jones series is maybe right after Star Wars in my heart. I wanted to be just like Indy, brave and awesome archaeologist, travelling around the world, discovering hidden treasures and mysteries. Raiders is my favourite of all because it involves pyramids and Egypt, and maybe you will laugh but one of my favourite part of all movies is when they travel to different countries how we see the map and the plane flying from one part of the world to another. Ahhh…
What about you friends? Are you into action/adventure movies? If I’m honest with you I can probably put another 5/6 movies here on the list easily, but I’ve decided to keep it short today 🙂 Have an awesome weekend! Make sure to watch a movie you haven’t seen before 😉


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