Summer memories

20160828_094155.jpgYou are the solution
20160820_194559.jpgBlack Beard
20160828_122923.jpgDo you know what makes you special?
screenshot_2016-09-03-00-38-34.pngDarlene spamming me after midnight
img_6dc14389-009f-402a-ba62-3a5a14cad979.gifNails inspired by Sam’s from ”Until Dawn”
20160904_131054.jpgI have the BEST FRIENDS!!!
img_20160903_005358.jpgImportant notes I leave to myself at work. ”THE BEER”
img-1472624901631-v.jpgAMAZING game
20160825_115604.jpgTrust and Pixie Dust.
20160827_134633.jpgat the wedding
20160827_133722.jpgGrandma ❤


2 thoughts on “Summer memories

  1. I was so confused when I saw your controller because I thought you were playing a PS1, then I realised it was a PS4 controller tricked out to look like a PS1! That’s so cool and it looks really retro!

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