Day 27 – Most epic scene ever

This time we will have not one but four of these. Sorry I just couldn’t pick only one.
Starting off with:
The Silent Hills revelation in P.T.
Yes,that time when you finished the PT demo and it turned out to be just a tease for the upcoming project Silent Hills,which will never see the light of day sadly.

The Giraffe scene in The Last of Us

Tears like river…

The whole Act 4 of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
An extremely emotional return to Shadow Moses for one last time. EPIC!!!

Getting the Normandy back – Mass Effect 2

Shivers down my spine! Every time I see this scene it makes me smile. Good times on the old girl.
I know that I’m probably missing a lot of epicness, there are so many game and so many scenes that are stuck on my mind. And there are games like The Last of Us,which are one EPIC piece of art.


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