Day 21 – Game with the best story

Can’t really decide on this one since I have so many games on my mind that qualify for it,but I will go with Mass Effect. It has everything a whole universe for you to explore, amazing alien and human characters, action. It’s deep and if you haven’t played it you won’t get it. So yeah ”Endure and survive” oh fuck this was from another great game 😉
ScreenShot00032MassEffect2 2015-11-21 23-30-13-84MassEffect3 2015-11-29 00-35-37-05MassEffect3 2016-05-08 13-49-13-03MassEffect3 2016-05-08 20-47-48-32MassEffect3 2016-05-18 11-45-44-46MassEffect3 2016-05-18 12-49-45-32temp1


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