As long as it lasts



8 thoughts on “As long as it lasts

    • Ohh,thank you 😀 First of all when I saw Kojima on E3, I was beyond happy. I remember when KojiPro showed their logo, I said to my fiends that his eyes kinda remind me of Norman Reedus. The trailer was strange, I guess full of meaning. I have no idea what I saw,but I liked it. I hope for some kind of scifi. And in the end these floating figures in the air?!? Did some games trailer surprised you on this year E3? What do you think about the Andromeda little teaser?

  1. The thing I ended up most excited about was the Prey trailer. I thought the first Prey was really cool back in the day… I thought that Andromeda teaser was really exciting. I love good concept art. Really curious what the end moment with the girl is all about.

    • To be honest I didn’t see all of the trailers. Is Prey will be a remake of the old one? I haven’t played it 😦 Maybe I should check it. The game I was really surprised to see was God of War,and all these Star Wars games that will come in the next couple of year, I CAN’T WAIT! Did you played the Resident Evil demo?

  2. I don’t really know what the new Prey is. More likely a remake than a sequel, but it might not have anything to do with the old one, I’m not sure. The new God of War looks like its borrowing from The Last of Us. What new Star Wars games you talking about? I didn’t play the RE demo, but I saw it. I wasn’t super impressed by it.

      • I don’t feel like there’s ever been a star wars game that made proper use of its potential. Supposedly Knights of the Old Republic is the best, but I never played it. Anyway that’s exciting. Probably won’t have anything this year though.

      • Knights of the Old Republic is good. I’m replaying it right now. Yeah I read somewhere the first game will be out sometime in 2018. It will be nice to see the different studios teaming and making something worth the name Star Wars.

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