It’s Alien Day!!! Alien being one of my favorite franchise, I can’t help but post a little bit about it. I have memory about one Saturday night, I think I was about the same age when I first saw A New Hope,so around 7. I stayed up late to watch the late night movie. And it was Alien! It blew my head off!!! This movie is a masterpiece of the sci-fi genre. H.R. Giger’s monster will hunt my dreams forever,and I’m not even complaining. Have a happy LV426 day,and watch at least one Alien movie, I know I will.
Remember they mostly come at night…Mostly.

One new movie every day.

Since I have more than 400 movies in my IMDB watchlist, I started doing this challenge if you wanna call it or whatever. It’s Monday,the weather is crappy. I’m working early,I got a big cup of coffee and I’m watching Mojave
No,this blog is not going to be all about movies from now on. I will Never stop posting my weird stuff. Anyway,I hope you are enjoying the Monday morning and like my favorite Agent Cooper says : Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it. Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen.
Give yourself something today.A nice warm cup of coffee,or a piece of delicious cake,a good movie…buy yourself a new book,have a freaking good sex or just whatever the hell makes you happy!
The freaking cup is as big as my head.