The Art of Bungie’s Destiny.

Satisfying my sci-fi addiction 🙂


9 thoughts on “The Art of Bungie’s Destiny.

      • I’m hoping they create as much original concepts (like worlds and races) for the new trilogy as they did for the original trilogy. It’s a new galaxy right? So they must.

      • I really want to be blown off by beautiful new worlds and races. Do you think they will bring back some of the old races? I heard something about the Krogans,but it maybe just a rumour.

      • I think because it’s such a blockbuster game at the end of the day and they have to cater to a broad audience, they will have a lot of familiar stuff and might not be as creative as they should be. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the asari and turians again. I just hope they realize the vast potential of a new galaxy and make use out of it. Perhaps let the player choose their race… Like in Skyrim.

      • I would love to play a different race. But I don’t know,I doubt it 😦 I think we will be human again. My thoughts only of course. No matter what the race,I’m sure we will all enjoy it. I’m already pumped 😀 And there is still what 10 months (if they don’t delay it)

      • Considering how much voice acting goes into the player character, it would be way too tedious to voice all these different races. So it’ll certainly be another human character.

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