Star Wars colors.



11 thoughts on “Star Wars colors.

      • I had heard rumors and tales but I didn’t know you actually existed… The one person who hasn’t seen it.

        Well if you get a chance, I recommend it.

      • Wow fifth time. Then it must be worth it.I trust your opinion šŸ™‚ I was skeptic when I first heard about the movie,but I really like JJ Abrams’s Star Trek movies.And I believe he did a good job.

      • The first three times were to maximize my understanding of it. The next times are for pure enjoyment.

        I don’t really care for the star treks, I think they are okay. If you watch recent interviews with Abrams, which I have a lot, he cared about the Star Wars project probably ten times more than trek. And I think it shows. It’s a very personal thing for him, and many others.

      • I’ve never been a Trek fan.But I enjoy the movies. I really liked Super 8,if you haven’t seen it (which I doubt),I would recommend it. Now I’m pumped to see Star Wars šŸ™‚ I really have to check it soon.

      • Of course I have seen them. Multiple times. I wasn’t pumped because it seems that when I get very excited about a movie it end up not that good. So I feel it’s better to have no expectations and be amazed.

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