Until Dawn first playthrough and how I manage to kill almost everyone.

I’m not proud of myself for saving only two people on my first playthrough. I didn’t really killed the others on purpose, and to be honest the people I disliked the most were the one to live in the end. WHAT THE F?!? By the way this isn’t a review. Just some opinions, and yeah SPOILERS.
Sam – She is the character I personally liked the most,along with Josh. I feel like I can relate to her. I made a stupid mistake,and got the poor girl killed 😦
Jessica– Didn’t like her from the start, for obvious reasons. I think she was the master mind behind the prank on Hannah. Didn’t wanted to kill her, but yeah. Maybe next time I’ll save you cowgirl.
Mike– Ass! You don’t go playing with people’s feelings!!! He is your typical high school prom king type,who all the girls like. Not moi tho. He is one of my survivors 🙂
Emily– ”Understand the palm of my hand, bitch!”
I really don’t like her attitude, a little bit too bitchy for me. She was my other survivor tho.
Matt– The guy with the GoPro and the suitcases. That’s how he will be remembered.
Ashley– Honestly I don’t know what to think of her. In the prolog she was part of the people involved in the prank,so she went immediately in my dislike corner. But as the game progressed I thought she was a nice girl. In her case curiosity killed the cat 😉
Chris– My first impression on Chris ”That guy is a creep”. But he turn out to be a really nice guy. Tho that humorous part I just didn’t get it. Maybe not my type of a funny guy. There was some kind of bug, which got him killed, and I’m not happy about that 😦
Josh– Oh,boy. Loved Josh from the start. Just when I thought this game will have only hot chicks and not so hot (my view on hot) guys, a wild Josh appeared to save the day! And I wouldn’t mind Rami Malek taking me to the bone zone, haha!!!
Next time Josh,I will try my best to get a good ending.
until-dawn-review-main-550x3111-550x311Hannah and Beth– My girls. Hannah, a sweetheart blindly in love with and ass,who didn’t deserve even a minute of her time. Beth seemed like a nice girl. And man her sweather looked soooo soft!
Dr. Hill – I was scared of him,but enjoyed the sessions with him so much I was waiting to get to them with such anticipation. Great performance from Peter Stormare.
The-Stranger-until-dawn-38894934-296-296The Stranger– From the first time I saw that guy, I knew there is more than meets the eye.
maxresdefaultThe Wendigos– The fact that they exist in the Native American legends is what makes them truly scary. Because the Native Americans , they know all about the spirit stuff!!!
thepsychocoverThe Psycho– I had nightmares involved him.Enough said!


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