Sometimes I’m ashamed to go through my gallery.


2015-03-14-07.36.49-1.jpg.jpegSome badges stay, some go.
2015-04-07-02.20.08-1.jpg.jpegPaper mache Cow on the street I work.
2015-05-08-02.20.20-1.jpg.jpegSomeone shot Buddha.
2015-05-04-01.06.30-1.jpg.jpegI clearly remember that day. Sums up my feelings for the people living in my neighborhood.
2015-05-03-10.59.30-1.jpg.jpegHe was Satan.
2015-05-09-11.19.30-1.jpg.jpegLooks more like a butt to me.
2015-06-05-10.57.45-1.jpg.jpegI have no explanation for this one.
2015-05-28-12.54.13-1.jpg.jpegI found this next to my house. So cool!
2015-06-10-06.30.55-1.jpg.jpegOn my way to work I see beautiful things.
2015-06-29-01.36.14-1.jpg.jpegI was waiting for my brother, I think.
2015-06-14-05.48.10-1.jpg.jpegTo grandmother’s house we go.
2015-08-04-09.51.23-1.jpg.jpegI can live here.
2015-07-03-03.02.24-1.jpg.jpegHe is Aries, like me.
2015-09-24-03.05.11-1.jpg.jpegMy cousin hat. He had to take it off to take photos for his ID card.Sorry.
2015-09-30-03.34.22-1.jpg.jpegBefore the 30 Seconds to Mars concert. I’m HAPPY!
2015-09-30-10.03.04-1.jpg.jpegMy ugly mug next to the Temple of Zeus.
2015-09-29-01.14.43-1.jpg.jpegGandalf next to the Acropolis.
I have an eye for the little things. Like art, but not like the signs in my life ofc.
2015-10-02-06.32.12-1.jpg.jpegI remember I was high.
2015-10-01-08.20.41-1.jpg.jpegMy last breakfast in Athens.
2015-11-07-09.11.14-1.jpg.jpegIt’s my brother’s.
snapchat-5704709017969967460.jpgLast warm day.
snapchat-6795687175267682724.jpgElder Maxson’s coat 😉
snapchat-1186557607680948544.jpgThese are 10 years old.Thanks Mom.
2015-09-01-20-17-05.jpegThe day Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was out. We went to a Mortal Kombat X tournament, which didn’t even happen.
2015-09-01-20-38-04.jpgSame day, as the previous photo. Can’t believe they are building this since I was a kid.
snapchat-6999572901844854735.jpgLife is too short for wearing boring socks – Troy Baker.
snapchat-3748378003975907979.jpgSometimes even I feel pretty.
snapchat-5879533505106394494.jpgIva’s POV.
snapchat-3734080020802910072-1.jpgReporting for duty!
snapchat-8525423674592930102.jpgBored at work, I guess.
snapchat-4312542572926454308.jpgSocks game STRONG.
snapchat-6302104791418147690.jpgRest mode.
snapchat-5444286750398326915.jpgCute nails.
snapchat-755935042243115905.jpgThis isn’t mine.
snapchat-1100797699711858256.jpgClockwork + Jared Leto = Love.
snapchat-7805252801240824091.jpgHangover, hangover…
20150930_212133.jpgI love you, but I hate, but I love you.
So yeah, all the shit from my phone, all the shaming, let it flow 😀


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