Ivi’s rate a game – Don’t Starve.

Survive, survive,survive!
This Tim Burton-esque art style game stole my heart with it’s amazing art.It’s a type of game where you can spend hours mining the environment, outfitting your character, and fortifying your home base, only to have your slice of paradise shattered by a terrifying, nearly-unstoppable shadow beast invasion.
I have played it back when the beta was out, now I’m still playing it on the PS4.
But after I saw people surviving for thousand and plus days,with bases all over the map (and I mean the WHOLE world is their base), I felt like I’m going nowhere and doing nothing.
It’s a challenging game. At first you find yourself in a nice world with rabbits,pigs, butterflies, but after some time you see that the world you are in is a bit off and strange.
The story and the art feels like you open a children’s book design by Tim Burton. It’s a child’s book story gone awfully wrong.
You start with one character, and you can unlock more with progressing further in the game.
I give it 7/10 for Gameplay.
Beautiful presentation, lovely art. The music and sounds are repetitive, but they fit great with the atmosphere of the game.
I give it 4/5 for Presentation.
I can get lost in the world of Don’t Starve for hours and hours, but I don’t think this game is for everyone.If you are looking for a charming, nightmarish, challenging game, then my friend you found the right one.
Of course I can’t wait for the co-op mode to come on PS4, so I can survive with my friends.
4/5 for Enjoyment.
Bonus points:
Is Troy Baker in it?

Did Hideo Kojima made it?
15 Awesome points, and remember Don’t Starve!


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