Ivi’s rate a game – Mortal Kombat X.

Stunning, mechanically richer, Mortal Kombat X is hands down the best from the series.
Variety of old classics like Raiden, Scorpion,Sub-Zero, Sonya Blade and more, NetherRealm present us 8 totally new fighters ( before the DLC’s).
The combat styles are amazing and pleasing for the eyes. You can choose from multiple variations of each character, which can change entirely the fighting style of your character.The story is ok, the good guys are trying to save the world from the baddies again 🙂
Some moves are HARD to master, you need a lot of practice to be able to memorising all the moves ( I had to write them down in my notebook).
The thing I don’t really like is the visual inconsistency of some characters. There are some extremely detailed and beautiful done fighters, and they look excellent and there are some far less appealing.
maxresdefaultI give it 6/10 for Gameplay.
Amazing graphics, beautiful art, the sound of bones crunching and squishing made me chuckle with wicked delight!
3/5 for Presentation.
And here comes the downfall.
I expected to be playing this game for much longer than I did, but I guess my lack of skills to master the mechanics made me quit playing it. Maybe sometimes with friends, I guess I could play it.
2/5 for Enjoyment.
Bonus points :
Is Troy Baker in it?
YES!YES! He voiced Erron Black, Fujin ( cameo only) and Shinnok.
Did Hideo Kojima made it?
I give Mortal Kombat X 16 Awesome points!



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