Ivi’s rate a game – Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition.

Fun and very addictive game. But after spending countless hours couch co-oping with friends until the wee hours, this game kinda lost it’s charm for me.
The hours of heavy grinding is just not for me anymore. Still I can enjoy an hour or two of it, playing with friends, but playing it on my own. I don’t think I will do it soon 🙂
The game have smooth controls, the Dualschock 4 and the custom design console interface helps for the better experience.
You can choose from playing on normal or hardcore, in which if you die that’s it. The game is over and you won’t be able to respawn.
You also have a variety of Torment levels to choose from, from I to X. The greater the Torment level, the better the loot.
There are also items you can only obtain while playing on Torment levels..
There are six classes you can choose from (I always play Demon Hunter).
There isn’t any impressive story, but man the cutscenes and trailer are beautiful! If there is one thing Blizzard can do well is making beautiful cutscenes and trailers (Thumbs up for the guys behind these).
So I give it 6/10 for Gameplay
For presentation what can I say, It’s a pretty game. The characters,the demons, the environment, the items.
It’s good looking, pleasing the eyes. But it’s repetitive.
3/5 for Presentation
I have played D3 on PC,PS3 and now on PS4. I can honestly say, that I don’t enjoy playing this game alone anymore.
This is a game I can maybe enjoy with friends next to me, killing countless armies of demons, and even Death itself.
3/5 for Enjoyment, only for the couch co-op.

Bonus points:
Is Troy Baker in it?
Did Hideo Kojima made it?
So I’m giving Diablo 3:Ultimate Evil Edition 12 Awesome points!


2 thoughts on “Ivi’s rate a game – Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition.

  1. I’ve only ever played this for PC, and can’t imagine it for consoles. But yeah co op is what this game is for. When playing it alone, it’s only a matter of time before you ask yourself, why am I doing this??

    • At first it was strange to me, because I was used to playing it on PC too. But you kinda get used to it. But yeah my thoughts exactly. Why am I even playing this 😀

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