Ivi’s rate a game – Injustice: Gods Among Us.

To the fans of Mortal Kombat series, this was something they could play while waiting for the new game to come out. For the DC fans , this game was very good brawler and it pleases the comic book fans for its faithful recreation of more than 20 characters from the DC Universe, and gives fighting game fans a worthwhile title for their libraries.
PS users got this game for free last December, which to me it was a very nice gift for Christmas from both Sony and NetherRealm.
Injustice tells an interesting story , about a superhero who loses his faith in humanity, and decide it is time to stop protecting and start ruling.
To be honest I liked Injustice story better than the new Mortal Kombat X one.
The controls are ok.
While fighting the player can interact with objects around him, for example you can toss a car or a motorcycle at your opponent ( which can’t be block I think ).
Like I said the story is good, I’m not a fan of DC and I don’t think I can give this game a fair judgment, but I’m a fan of the Bad guys and there are plenty of them in this one.
So I give it a 6/10 for Gameplay.

To me the game is pleasing. I like the characters, I like their unique playstyle. And of course the art that NetherRealm did is amazing.
There are lots of collectibles, costumes and very nicely done cutscenes.
2/5 for Presentation.

I can’t say that I have spent much time playing this one, but from my fair experience I have to say that I really liked it. I was able to play with one of my favorite villains – The Joker (amazing job there NetherRealm).
Overall it is a enjoyable game you can play with friends and have a good time kicking each others asses.
3/5 for Enjoyment.

Is Troy Baker in it?
He does the voices of Nightwing (Dick Grayson) and Sinestro.
Plus 5 points baby!
Did Hideo Kojima made it?

Injustice: Gods Among Us – 16 awesome points from Iva 🙂


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