Ivi’s rate a game challenge.

Good Morning from yours truly Iv!
Today I woke up with a thought , that was lingering in my mind for some time. Couple of nights ago I had a talk with a good friend of mine , she said to me : ” Iv, can you rate for me the games you have played. Give them score etc.? ”
And then we start a very long talk, which ended in the early hours of the next day. Since then I’m thinking about making a post here on my blog about it.
So here it is! The first post of My ” Rate a game challenge
The categories I will choose to help me rate the games will be :
1. Gameplay /10 – How the game plays, how good the controls are, the difficulty of the game. And of course the story.
2. Presentation /5 – Graphics, layout, sound, music, overall look of the game.
3. Enjoyment /5 – The feeling the game give you, while you play it and after.
There will be bonus point awarded to the games :
Is Troy Baker in it? ( 5 points awarded)
Did Hideo Kojima made it? ( 5 points awarded)
I’m doing this purely for my own pleasure 🙂


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