One photo every hour. Friday.

S08105299am.Morning coffee like a true Diamond Dog.
S085054610am. Breakfast with Jack.
S088055611am. Chilling at my cousin’s place.
output_spetE312pm. The Last of Us before work.
S00205841pm. Alien boyfriends.
IMG_z8pP0118bn02pm. Sunny but cold.
IMG_w_V5Y118bi33pm. Off to work.
S00405974pm. My kind of Friday.
S0050599 5pm. Vakarian art.
S00606006pm. Ready to party.
S00806087pm. Uni.
S0100617 8pm. Don’t fuck… Weed us!!
9pm. Ready for a bath.
S014064010pm. Tuco, Danny and the mighty beards.
S016065811pm. And we found DD.
S017066812am. We are ready for a little Ultraviolence.
Wanting to take a shot of Boyan, but I guess I was too wasted.S02107022am. Dorothy.
S0230713 3am. I cutted Borko’s head off the photo. Sorry 😦
S0270733 S0280740 4am. On the way home.
Friday was good.


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