Iva’s Holiday Wishlist 2015.


Pretty much self explanatory. Besides wanting my family and friends to be healthy and happy, there are some things I want for myself too. So here is my wishlist and just let me be kid for a while again.
Nendoroid Venom Snake
3ddc3765974c8ad3e1d2ea6645c73035 7a8c5538543d79c009bd29057cc04496 266d4989a45f8ddc7d8fee715e6fbd10 536f16cfaaf10ccfab11b910f5476539 a22131eb9fd003e7f47d1391f6be52ec b8e1826c8c7b1e6eb9b5db8bbdee71bf cce992a3685ea2ba8bd8ed1d96500966Or the Raiden version.
Nendoroid-Raiden-MGS2-Ver.-image-2 Nendoroid-Raiden-MGS2-Ver.-image-3 Nendoroid-Raiden-MGS2-Ver.-image-4 Nendoroid-Raiden-MGS2-Ver.-image-5 Nendoroid-Raiden-MGS2-Ver.-image-6This amazing shirt.
Origami necklace.
Ryuk sweater.
iDroid case.
Original Yoji Shinkawa art.
750ec48a52b6768f6f7073bd39fa979dyoji-shinkawa-big-boss1These amazing Borderlands leggings.
The coolest Nasa sweatsuit.
Y-3 sneakers.
Metal Gear Playstation 3.
Mass Effect Trilogy.
This shirt.
Metal Gear Legacy Collection.
Another Metal Gear, this time the clothing line.
Big Boss jacket.
Zer0 shirt.
The perfect shirt.
The Phantom Pain guide book.
Venom Snake bionic arm.
J.F. REY glasses.
Knowluxe Lambskin 保衛 Elements Mask.
PlayStation onesie.
Ellie shirt.
Cute Ellie pin.
Delsin jacket. PLEASE!
Big Boss jacket. AGAIN.
This Playstation Cap.
fb-size-gh-new-playstation-bannerThe Playstation Christmas knitted sweater.
PlayStation_Console__57818.1443693471.1280.1280Playsation 94 Tokyo shirt.
playstation_ladies_all_over_print_t_shirt__64044.1440081209.1280.1280Diamond Dog 84 shirt.
metal_gear_solid_diamond_dogs_female_top__67180.1439816154.1280.1280Akira Manga.
Catcher in the Rye ( English edition ).
Sony Walkman.
Sony Mp3 player.
Hideo Kojima autograph.
These Unique Playstation 4 HDD covers.

And bonus Tretji Rebenok figure.


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