What Pluto and Playstation have in common.

This week, the world has looked on with awe as the New Horizons probe sent back the first ever detailed pictures of Pluto. Those images weren’t taken using the latest technology, though; New Horizons launched in January 2006, and was obviously designed and built even earlier.

So the gear inside is a little more primitive than what you’d put in a probe today. Case in point: the CPU powering the mission is a 32-bit MIPS R3000 processor. The same one used in the Sony PlayStation (via The Verge).

Not the PS2. The original PlayStation. Basic and low-fi by even 2005 standards, sure, but hey, it worked! And is still working, nearly a decade on, despite the best efforts of (quite literally) time and space.
Love for Pluto and Love for The Playstation!!!

Iva’s 50 things.

Visit South Korea.
2. Conquer a fear ( heights, deep water, spiders).
3. Live in Japan for a month.
4. Adopt a rescue pet.
5. Sleep in Bran’s Castle.
6. Climb a mountain, and reach the top.
7. Learn ( or at least try ) Japanese.
8. See the Northern Lights.
9. Visit Athens.
10. Smoke a blunt and drink some good whiskey while watching the sunset on Venice beach.
11. Not eat meat for a  month.
12. Go to Die Antwoord concert.
13. Shake Hideo Kojima’s hand.
14. Take a photo with Jared Leto ( and smell his hair , I know creepy)
15. Own Knowluxe Lambskin Elements Mask.
16. To do a cosplay.
17. Visit a haunted place and spent the night there.
18. Drink tea in Banff National Park in Ablerta/Canada.
19. Eat cherry pie and drink coffee in the Double R Diner ( Twin Peaks) .
20. Stay in Timberline Lodge (The Overlook Hotel) in the winter and read ”The Shining” while there.
21. Own a Chappie action figure or a robot prop from the movie.
22. Develop photos on my own.
23. To see Alexander the Great sarcophagus in Istanbul.
24. Swim in Maya Bay on Ko Phi Phi Lee/Thailand.
25. Buy ”Battle Royale” remastered book.
26. Get Pagan Min pen.
27. Travel through Nepal.
28. Go to California Aerospace and Aviation Museum.
29. Visit the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral.
30. Own Kaneda’s jacket.
31. Get dressed in geisha kimono and participate in tea ceremony.
32. Go to Seoul and dress in hanbok.
33. Eat at Sushisho Masa in Tokyo.
34. Buy all ”Akira” manga volumes.
35. Be a volunteer in an orphanage.
36. Get my photos published in a magazine/newspaper/webpage.
37. Hug and feed a tiger.
38. Fall madly in love.
39. Get a tattoo done by Gakkin.
40. Write a book.
41. Own Y3 clothes/footwear.
42. Host a Christmas dinner.
43. Get the Alexander Wang X H&M leather backpack.
44. Get lots in New York.
45. Sleep in Buddhist temple.
46. Own a South Park pinball machine.
47. Learn a new skill.
48. Have a real Far Cry 4 C215 (Christian Guemy) artwork on my wall.
49. Work for a gaming company.
50. Learn to play a music instrument.

50 of my silly wishes,wantings,hearts desires,dreams.

South Park Project.

Parada_de_autobusHi you guys!!! I was a little busy the last couple of days ( by busy I mean playing Don’t Starve all the time ), but now I am back! Back with a new project on my mind, which I wanted to do for years now and now I think it’s the time. It’s a DIY South Park character project. I will try to update daily. Today I’m starting with my all time favorite Kenny 😉 and I hope to finish him until the end of the day.