Vintage Party vol2. 2015 with amazing people.

S0016907 S0017001 S0027005 S0047007 S0066926 S0067014 S006701911413344_10206417039522630_1089919192_nS0076931 S0077020 S0086938 S0087022 S0096939 S0097025 S0106944 S0107031 S0116949 S0126955 S0127039 S0136963 S0137044 S0146972 S0147045S0147047S0156976S0166978S0167057S0177058S0176986S0186993S0196996S0197072S0207077S0227086S0237094S0257105 S0267107 S0277111 S0287121 S0307137 S0327146S0327148гхйнйхSnapchat--2144685665647889039S0337151Thank you Danny, Tonny, Iveto, Borko, Brother, Tanya,Joro!!! Such a good time. Positive vibes, happy people, good music.Surround yourself with the right people, and realize your own worth. Be happy. Love you guys!!!


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