Selfie in a mirror. Day 13.

image I really dislike the word ” selfie ” …


The Last weekend of May 2015 in 12 photos.

DSCF6683To wake up early, enjoying this beautiful sunrise, doing some yoga. Start the day the right way.
DSCF6677Drinking coffee.
DSCF6693Making jam. YUM!
S0026749I always keep an eye for the little things 😉
S0036751The right moment.
S0056757Had such a good time.
DSCF6792Got some gifts 😉
S0096770Perfect weather for a walk.
S0146783Chicken Udon noodles with pineapple and some coconut milk. Yummy dinner.
S0176808Oh, Hephaestion…
Aaaaand Sunday morning table. I’m a mess, a messy girl.


I saw Her for the first time yesterday and I just want to write some of my thoughts about it.
First of all I really liked the colors in this movie , and to me the colors have a key role in this movie.
The music was gentle and beautiful.
The future we see in this movie is not the future we used to see in most sci-fi movies.
Joaquin Phoenix was amazing. The audience can connect with him so easily in this movie.
Scarlett is not a favorite of mine , but she was bringing such a comfort and you can’t help but like her.
I know I’m very bad at writing reviews, but I thought that this is just for me. To remind myself how I felt while watching the movie.
And the last thing that kinda brought me to tears was this :
” Sometimes I think I have felt everything I’m ever gonna feel. And from here on out, I’m not gonna feel anything new. Just lesser versions of what I’ve already felt. ”
Well aren’t we all feeling like this sometimes…