Bulgarian H&M staff=disappointed customer.

This is the letter I wrote today to several of H&M emails , after my not so pleasant experience this morning.

Hello H&M!!!

I’m your customer from more than 10 years. I have been shopping in your stores in Sweden, Spain , Great Britain , France and many more countries. Today I woke up early for the Alexander Wang collection , I was infront of the store here in Bulgaria ( Vitosha street numbe 6) in 7am! I was first in line , I waited 3 hours for the shop to open . I don’t mind waiting , really for a collection like this I will wait all night if I have to . But back on the topic. I enter the shop , I was the first client inside , I asked the sales person I saw where are the Alexander Wang x H&M sunglasses , I quote him : ” There are only two pairs. ” He laughed at me , and said ” And they are gone . ” And again he laughed… I was shocked , and I have witnesses if you dont believe my story. After a while I understood that your staff here in the Bulgarian shop on Vitosha street are hiding the glasses for people with reservations… I want to ask , do you in H&M have reservations ? I will tell you that I heard more than 30 people or more asking about the sunglasses , and different response from your staff. In Spain I was at the Karl Lagerfeld opening collection , the customer service is very very different from the Bulgarian one. Anyway this was my last time shopping in your stores here in Bulgaria , I spent lots of money today on the Alexander Wang collection , but the only thing I really wanted were those sunglasses.
Your staff here makes a bad impression of your brand , when you ask them questions they are incompetent and they can’t respond . Please try to look at how they are working , because it is for the good of your brand.
Best regards,
Some of you may think that this is stupid , why am I even bothering with this. Yes but the fact is that if a company wants to maintain a good name , the people working for this company must be on the top. I have been a sales lady , I have worked with many customers , but I have never treated anyone like I was treated today . And not just me , lots of people who were in the shop today can say the same.

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