Lions’ Bridge.

S0093085 S0103095 S0113102 S0123108 S0133110 S0143118 S0153122 S0163128 S0173132 S0193145 S0233158 S0243162 S0253167 S0263169In 2014 archaeological investigations at the Lion’s bridge were carried out by a team from Sofia History Museum leaded by Alexander Stanev. During the excavations 19 architectural structures situated on the both sides of Vladajska river were uncovered. They formed  an integrated complex connected with bridge system across the river during Roman times.
The bridge and adjoined engineer structures could be dated between 4th and 5th c. AD. The construction of the bridge system could be associated with the flourishing period of Serdica at the time of Emperor Constantine the Great. The complex situated in the so-called Northern appendix of the town connected the Northern gate with the main road Via Diagonalis .
The Northern pier of the bridge was constructed of river stones welded up by mortar. From south the structure was formed as a frontage by precisely cut limestone blocks joined together with crampons. A joined fitting was connected to the eastern front which could be interpreted as a spout.


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