6 things I like Thursday

1461221_704489162895631_863796269_n tablo-haru_1402348938_af_org 6c1fa037cb01e42656e61d87382bcde3Tablo / 타블로 / 이선웅big inspiration to me . Oh Tablo too bad you are married 😦

kaya-scodelario-hot_178660-1280x1024 kaya-scodelario-hd-wallpaper 10rpchzKaya Scodelario – Girl you are amazing.
Skins_S6_Sebastian_De_Souza_001 large 990a90056ea893130ac6fd598ffa3f0eSebastian De Souza ( or Matty Levan from Skins ) – I have only seen him in Skins so far , great role .
882600_10200729355214077_897800779_o Ellen-Page Ellen-ellen-page-2161337-1194-1448Ellen Page – Big big favorite of mine. You go GIRL!!!
Spaghetti CarbonaraSpaghetti Carbonara – well just because I love them , and because I’m hungry now 🙂
imageAnd this photo JUST BEACUSE IT’S AWESOME!


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