Bubbles , bubbles everywhere


Ok , so finally I have decided to try the bubble tea which is getting more and more popular here in Bulgaria ( I know it’s a trend everywhere in the world , but some things take time to come to Bulgaria ) , anyway.

I wanted to try it for a long time and today for the sake of my blog I did it.
For my first try I wanted something not too sweet , I left the guy making it to introduce me to the flavours . He chose for me Green Tea for base , green lime for flavour and for the pearls / bubbles tapioca ( he said the tapioca is a MUST try ) and lychee .

He gave me the tea and said : ” Please try it . ” so I did
The weather outside was soooo hot that the coolness of the cold green tea with lime hitted me right there on the spot . I felt so fresh all of a sudden .

Then the bubbles , OMG the lychee bubbles were so yummy , just pearls busting with flavour in my mouth . The tapioca was a little strange but I liked it too .

So my verdict is : GREAT , great beverage! . If you haven’t tried it , just do it.
Taste the difference!

DSCF1336DSCF1320DSCF1313 DSCF1365


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